Watch Lila Snyder’s keynote at Retail (R)Evolution in 2018.

From purchase to purchase: it all comes back to the experience.

While the largest players in ecommerce push consumer expectations ever higher, the rest of retail looks to leverage platforms to achieve comparable speed and scale. But not all platforms are created equal. In this wide-ranging keynote from our recent Retail (R)Evolution event, Lila Snyder (Pitney Bowes EVP and President, Commerce Services) explores the difference between platforms that champion a retailer’s brand vs. others that cast a shadow by intermediating between retailers and their customers. 

Leveraging data from our soon-to-be released 2018 Global Ecommerce Report, Lila explores the keys to finding and succeeding with the right commerce service and technology platforms:

  • How do you build meaningful relationships with your customers?
  • How do you reach more customers, anywhere in the world, with less risk and greater scale?
  • How do you turn the moments between one purchase and the next into real opportunities for customer loyalty and lifetime value?