Category Seamless Acceptance
Mail Processing Mail Processing activities related to eInduction or Undocumented Pieces are Shown Below in those Sections. Handle rejects to obliterate barcode to avoid undocumented. Maintain additional run logs to be used should an over threshold condition occur. Work with QC and data analytics to identify and resolve issues within the operation, and document changes in the standard operating procedures. On-going training of staff.Identify and manage Customer Supplier Agreement (CSA) issues that cause Seamless errors (nesting/sortation/PAF).
IT Activities IT activities related to eInduction or Undocumented Pieces are Shown Below in those Sections.Additional server capacity and management of Mail Quality Data (MQD). Additional resources for ad hoc reporting when unexpected errors occur. Create additional reports to support the new business needs (nesting/sortation, DPV issues, KUL, etc.). Post-mortem data analysis to evaluate MQD and move issues to appropriate management group. Software for performing QC checks/audits. (Costs include annual software license agreement and annual storage costs.) Post-analysis software development/purchase to investigate errors and issues. This post-analysis software is updated and improved often, and there is an on-going cost to purchase and pay SULA fees. Data analysts to run the software and produce the reporting. Additional computing capacity to support analysis. Purchase and run additional software to validate each eDoc before upload for Seamless integrity validations. Increased costs and labor.
Customer Support Costs of customer interfaces to prepare them for Seamless. (Either mail owner customers or printer-mailer customers who may need to improve their own QC processes or data analytics.) Additional client support for problem analysis including, IT, operations personnel and data analysis when clients have undocumented issues and blame the MSP. Evolution of customer reps into “conflict managers.” (Seamless undocumented, etc.) Additional customer support to help customers understand the errors they see on the Scorecard. For example, they could give us two trays of mail, but see four tray errors. In a logical environment, all tray or container errors are shown on the customer’s Scorecard even though their mail is not in those trays. Additional management of issues for clients that pre-barcode the mail. Mail quality concerns can cause undoc that goes to the client since their MID is on the piece but may not be the client’s error. In addition, there are instances where USPS® mis-assigns undoc to the wrong party based on the MID.
Undocumented Piece & Nesting Error Mgmt. (New Cost Category with Seamless) IMb/Analytics Server for reverse look-up of IMb needed to track pieces to the source, large enough to store one year’s worth of IMb data to identify undocumented pieces. (Costs include annual software license agreement and annual storage costs.) Exception Report capability necessary to compare data files to actual mailpieces and report exceptions to allow for identification and correction of errors to minimize undocumented and nesting error occurrence. (Costs include software package.) Known Undocumented Log development and completion, necessary to protect mailer from postage assessment due to undocumented piece errors. (Costs include labor for daily entry and maintenance of data in the log including log template development.)
MSP Workforce Training/Education On-going training and education of MSP employee workforce on Seamless QC procedures. (Costs include training hours and personnel.) eInduction Seamless Acceptance management such as, phone calls to USPS, Acceptance issue resolution, etc.
Disputes & Appeals Higher cost for skilled labor to research errors/issues (employee understanding of bookending logic, tray reconstruction, etc.); and time spent on the investigation.