Are you confronting on-going challenges due to COVID-19? Perhaps you’re facing a limited workforce impacting your production environment and increasing labor costs, or just trying to keep your business running.

Presort Services is here to help.

Our nationwide network allows us to remain flexible with our teams across the country, readily available to support your mailing needs. Together, we can find solutions that help keep your business moving. Below are common challenges faced by mailers and how Presort Services can help.

  • Limited Staff

Challenge: This year continues to bring uncertainty around the workforce. While you may have previously taken advantage of temporary labor, COVID-19 has presented challenges. For example, new social distancing requirements reduce the number of people that can be within a facility at a given time, resulting in fewer employees available to work in a specific location per shift.

Solution: Reduce the risk of a labor shortage by using Pitney Bowes as a flexible source for your mailing needs. We have 5000+ people across 42 operating centers. Our network has the capacity to process and keep your mail moving. This helps you focus your available labor on other business priorities.

  • Uncertainly of Volumes

Challenge: Whether it’s First-Class Mail® or Marketing Mail®, COVID-19 has created challenges in the mailing space. Fluctuating volumes may have made it difficult to qualify for the lowest available postage discounts. An unexpected rise in mailing volumes may have strained your labor resources. We understand that a lack of visibility – especially when your mailings are typically preplanned – can be a challenge.  

Solution: We are operating as normal and can assist you with fluctuating volumes. Presort Services sorts over 17 billion pieces of mail annually and can manage additional volume throughout our network.   With more than 350 sorters, we are ready to help launch your next campaign.

  • Shifting Promotions to Online


Seasonal marketing campaigns have taken a hit as people aren’t going in stores. However, an expected busy fall and holiday season are upon us, and you don’t want to let those marketing budgets go to waste if projects have been on hold. As states are opening up and some people are going back to work, school and resuming normal activities, how are you going to move quickly and market to them?

Solution: Consumers are shopping online, as COVID-19 has brought ecommerce center stage, and mail pieces can drive online activity. Use this knowledge to your advantage when planning your next campaign, whether that includes holiday sales, non-profit donations, back-to-school or encouraging curbside pick-up. Presort Services is here to handle your volumes, all while helping you reduce postage expenses.

  • Tight Deadlines

Challenge: All of this uncertainly can also lead to compressed project timelines. The end of the year is usually busy with Marketing Mail®, such as enrollment kits for healthcare, advertising materials or non-profit campaigns while transactional mailings, which require timely delivery, such as bills, statements and year-end notices, also continue to be part of the mail-mix. We know that labor is short, deadlines are tight and getting out these items is essential to your business.

Solution: We’re always available to help get your mail out quickly. Let’s work together to figure out the cycle for your next mailings and stay on target to hit your goals.

  • Need to Diversify

Challenge: As pre-COVID-19 planning has, in many ways, been put on pause, mailers are looking to pivot their strategy. Coming up with fresh ideas to better prepare for the future, can also lead to expanding the business into unknown territories and saying “Yes” to new projects and mail classifications that you may not have previously considered.

Solution: Presort Services can assist with handling all classes of mail.  As you take on new projects, we’re happy to educate and inform you of solutions that meet your changing needs, whether it’s on-going or project-based work. We offer commingling for First-Class Mail® Marketing Mail® and Bound Printed Matter Parcels.

As you work through your challenges, let us be an extension of your workforce. We’d be happy to further understand your business need so that we can be ready to quickly engage in mailings and explore new solutions while overcoming the challenges of this crisis.

In this ever-changing world, let Presort Services be your constant.

If you have additional questions, or we can help in any way, please contact your local Client Relationship Manager or General Manager.