IMb tracing gives you more insight into your Marketing Mail® Flats

The last time you sent flats via the U.S. Postal Service®, which service did you use? Priority Mail®? Parcel Select®? Either would make sense, given that they offer the rich tracking benefits of the Intelligent Mail® package barcode (IMpb). But, did you know you can get similar benefits, at a lower cost, by choosing Marketing Mail Flats?

Marketing Mail Flats are tracked via the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb), which at first glance may not appear to offer much for visibility. Unlike the IMpb, these barcodes don’t include a human-readable number for you to look up on the USPS® website.

However, the USPS is constantly expanding the visibility associated with the IMb. On top of that, your trusted Presort Services team can help you unlock even more capabilities.

Whether you’re sending healthcare enrollment kits, annual reports, catalogues or small goods, IMb tracing can help you:

  • Track flats through the USPS, so you can confirm in-home delivery
  • Access historical data to accurately align delivery to targeted in-home dates, such as the start of open enrollment
  • Combine USPS event tracing with Presort event visibility to get a complete picture of where your mail is located
  • Manage delivery expectations with your customers

And the best part? Marketing Mail Flats cost less than Priority Mail and Parcel Select.

You already trust Pitney Bowes Presort Services to mail smarter and save on operational costs. Ask our team how we can help you unlock even more value while providing deeper insights into your mail.

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