The pandemic is affecting the time it takes to recover online returns while impacting customer service calls.

The pandemic sparked a record high in online shopping as well as an unprecedented volume of returns that need to go back to warehouses. As a result, we have another thing we can blame on the pandemic: consumers taking longer to return unwanted online purchases.

We call it trunk time, defined as how long consumers wait before returning an online purchase. In our latest BOXpoll™   survey, we found the average number of days it takes to make a return increased from 4 to 6 over the last 2 years.

  • Boomers return within 1 day; the fastest.
  • Parents take 8 days to return an item.
  • 31% of consumers will call customer care if they haven’t received a refund within 4 days.

Knowing the impact of trunk time on the returns lifecycle can help you plan and develop operational strategies. Looking for more demographic data on who’s returning and how long it takes them? Check it out here.