To help you and your team meet deadlines and take full advantage of upcoming opportunities, we want to share the latest technology updates from the Cross-Border Retail (Borderfree) platform. For more details, please visit this page featuring release notes or contact [email protected] to request access.

Update Ciphers for Production API’s by 6/30

Cipher suites, the most secure communication methods mutually supported between a source and destination service, are used to encrypt communications across the public internet. We periodically disable vulnerable ciphers and algorithms to ensure that communications between our services and our customers are secure and protected against common attacks. As part of this process, we will be disabling the TLS1.2.

Please check that your integrations can support the remaining ciphers so that your services can continue uninterrupted. Reach out to [email protected] with questions.

Production completion timeline: June 30th, 2021.

FTP Migration Deadline Approaching 4/30

Over the last few months, you and your teams should have received communications from the Borderfree Product, Implementation and Support Teams outlining product releases, platform enhancements and upcoming migrations for 2021 as Borderfree will disable plain text (unencrypted) access to FTP services. This update will protect your data and further secure our services. This change will impact all sandbox and production FTP services. Borderfree triggered your sandbox and production FTP credentials to begin the migration process from the old FTP to the new. You should have received two separate emails containing the credentials.

If you haven’t received the credentials, please reach out to [email protected] 

We encourage beginning the FTP migration as soon as possible to avoid any interruptions in the service. Please reach out with questions or concerns.

Completion deadline: April 30, 2021

Consulate Permission Changes for Promotion Creation

To reduce any risk related to promotions incorrectly entered by your Customer Service Representatives, Borderfree has adjusted the default permissions for creating promotions. For any additional support regarding updating these permissions, please review the following pages for guidance or reach out to your client manager and request a demonstration as needed.

*User management in Consulate

*Pricing & Promotions

New Feature: JavaScript Merchants

Inventory Check and Checkout Error Handling

Borderfree now supports checking inventory before loading the Envoy. This enhancement will allow you to accept orders based on your available inventory by leveraging the data provided to reserve inventory. To take advantage of this feature, please refer to the requirements listed here: New Feature for JavaScript Merchants! Inventory Check and Checkout Error Handling

Please reach out to our implementation team to get started. 

Invoice Address Update

Borderfree recently updated all financial systems and corresponding outputs. This includes invoices and W9 forms as provided through the Borderfree Invoice portal/Client Connect or our corresponding financial representative. From now on, all paperwork will read as seen below: 

Borderfree Inc.

27 Waterview Drive

Shelton, CT, 06484

Ambassador JAR Update

Borderfree recently uncovered a bug with the rounding method related to the Mexican Peso. Historically, the rounding method applied for the Peso was 0. However, that’s now changed to 2. There are two ways to inherit this update for correction:

  1. Install the new version of the Ambassador
  2. Install the impacted component within the Ambassador

Visa Logo Change

In early February, Visa changed its logo. Borderfree has made the necessary changes to reflect the new logos. API merchants will need to update the logo as well.

Borderfree Docs Migration

Borderfree is in the process of migrating all business, technology and process-related documentation to a new service. The new service will provide the ability to generate your own credentials for logging in and adding new users, provide feedback on the content based on how it’s structured and articulated, reduce timeouts, faster loading times and more. Details will continue to be provided as the migration process picks up. Stay tuned as we are preparing to launch the service by October 2021.