As we head into the holiday season, we want to share some of our latest technical upgrades and updates that will ensure a successful peak. For more details on technical and product updates, please visit this page for release notes.

New Consulate Portal

In preparation for the holidays, Pitney Bowes has been actively improving the Consulate regarding speed, functionality and user experience. We’ve recently launched a beta version of the new non-flash-based Consulate, which now provides a dashboard on the home page (upon login), quick year-on-year sales data comparisons, faster order search results and additional enhanced reporting.

If you are not already using it, please contact your Client Success Manager to receive access to the new Borderfree Consulate.

Continuous Load Testing

We are proud to have infrastructure correctly sized for our workload that can also scale quickly and on-demand in response to increases in shopping traffic over the holidays. Continuous load testing helps us identify and mitigate any risks to our production applications. In addition to internal performance and scalability testing, we closely monitor and analyze the production activity peaks that occur throughout the year to ensure we can meet any sudden spikes in traffic. In 2020, we migrated to new software-based load-balancers, which has improved both our stability and performance.

Monitoring and Alerts

Earlier this year, we migrated our entire logging and monitoring platforms to a new cloud-based software service. The technology has helped us to improve analytics, monitoring and the overall visibility of our application platforms. As the peak shopping season approaches, we will continue to refine our application monitoring and incident management processes to ensure any potential issues are spotted quickly, brought to the immediate attention of our clients and resolved.

High Availability, Resiliency and Cloud-Native Improvements

To prepare for the holidays, we are increasing our platform capabilities by leveraging discrete and stateless microservices that scale to meet demand. Additionally, we are removing database dependencies to speed up response times and increase the resiliency of our services. We’ve also moved all services over to Kubernetes, which will increase our ability to auto-scale our platform and span multiple geographical cloud data centers resulting in greater resiliency and availability.

Security and Performance

We’ve delivered several security and performance projects in preparation for the holidays. These initiatives include:

  1. Migrations to 1.1 simplified Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  2. Enhanced checkout workflows to be in line with 3D Secure 2.1 Authentication
  3. Renewed PCI certifications for secure data management
  4. Migrations to Titan FTP Server for secure hosting and transfer of transactional data

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager.