To tie together our ability to offer you end-to-end ecommerce, we’ve streamlined our services and renamed some of our products.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  As we completed the integration of Newgistics into Commerce Services, we wanted to align the naming of our solutions in a way that focuses on the most valued key action that service provides and how the service is generally known in the market.

This structure reflects our mission as a technology company that delivers the market-leading ecommerce logistics services you need.

Solution Summary (Client Facing)



  • Fulfillment Services: our approach for bringing your products—and your brand—closer to customers. Includes Inventory Management & Order Processing, Value Added Services and Seamless Delivery and Returns.


  • Delivery Services: our approach to solving the Ship Greater challenge for US Domestic Delivery Services and Cross-Border Delivery Services. Includes Standard (formerly known as Newgistics Delivery), Pure Post (formerly Complete Shipping API) and Express for domestic and US Outbound and Global Inbound to US for cross-border.


  • Return Services: our approach for turning returns into returning customers. Includes Standard Returns (formerly known as SmartLabel), Advanced Returns (formerly known as SmartLabel+), and Pure Post Returns (formerly known as Scan Based Returns). Our SmartLabel technology is a core underpinning of these services.


  • Cross-Border Services: our approach to solving the Sell Farther challenge, from anywhere to everywhere. Includes Cross-Border Retail (formerly known as Borderfree Retail) and Cross-Border Marketplace (formerly known as Complete Marketplace)., our consumer-facing site and marketing programs, remain an important component of these services.

Underlining our services is Commerce Connect, our technology platform, which enables and adds value to all of our service offerings.

Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming month.