We’ve improved how you and your customer service representatives interact with Consulate when adding and assigning support cases.

As a result of these enhancements, you can expect to see the following benefits:


case identification Improved case identification
With our improved case reasons and categories, our Customer Care team can better identify and escalate support requests, getting you answers faster.
case categorization Improved case categorization
Through case categorization, we can identify trends faster. And once a trend has been identified, we can implement new processes to improve both your and your customer’s overall experience.
reporting Better reporting
More precise data means better data. And with better data, we can more fully understand support requests so that we can be more proactive.


Adding support cases
We’ve added support for new, improved case reasons and case categories! Now, when you add a new support case, you no longer need to enter a Case Type; instead, you select from a list of new case reasons and categories, which makes it easier to not only attribute support cases, but also review cases statuses in greater detail.

  • Please note that all open support cases will be updated with the new case reasons and case categories immediately, and all closed support cases will be retroactively updated at a later point in time.

Assigning support cases
We’ve improved the process for assigning support cases! Moving forward, your representatives will no longer use the Case Status field to assign cases; instead, they will use the Change Assignee drop-down list to assign a case to Borderfree, or close a case.

  • Please remember to assign your support cases back to Borderfree when adding comments so that we can respond to your comments faster.

If you have any support-related questions, or if you need to follow-up on a case, you can email us at our new support address: [email protected] or contact your client success manager.