Please be advised that the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia changed its name to the Republic of North Macedonia.

Recommended Updates
You should experience no downtime in Borderfree services, but some action on your part may be required. As a result of the name change, Pitney Bowes recommends the following updates to our clients:

  • Context Chooser Updates: If your Context Chooser dynamically populates enabled country names, then no action is necessary. However, if you manually control the countries on your Context Chooser page, you will need to change “Macedonia” to “Republic of North Macedonia.”
  • Auto-Populating Fields: Edit any part of the site that does not dynamically populate with a new name, including international FAQs if supported countries are listed.
  • Localization Data: If your site localizes dynamically, it will return the name change automatically and no action is required. 
    • If your site’s localization data is cached, you’ll need to clear the cache for the name to change.
    • Additionally, if your site’s localization data is hardcoded, you’ll need to update the name.

If you have any additional questions or require assistance with this update, please contact [email protected]

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