Starting March 31st, the company name listed on your customers’ payment statements changed from “BF* your brand name” to “Borderfree your Borderfree merchant ID number”.  The switch from the abbreviated version “BF” to the full name “Borderfree” has been mandated by credit card companies to ensure data integrity and clear transactions.  To further enhance data protection and tracking, the change from your company’s brand name to your company’s Borderfree ID number (ex. 1234) was implemented on credit card statements, as shown in the below example:


Note that Paypal and some other payment processors list “Borderfree” without reference to the merchant ID number. 

To prepare customers for this update, we recommend that you:

  • train your customer service team to respond to inquiries about this change
  • publish an update to your international FAQs.  You can find the recommended language here.   

In addition, we updated all transactional emails that customers receive post purchase, including shipment and order confirmation notifications, to reflect the full name “Borderfree” and your company’s merchant ID number.