The next generation of parcel tracking is here – just in time for holiday tracking

Did you know the average consumer tracks a package 8 times from when they hit the buy button to when it lands on their doorstep? This year, there will be fewer shopping and shipping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. To make every day count, we recommend over-communicating a package’s location and expected arrival information to your consumers.

Consumer Connect is here to help do that. It’s a new, upgraded and best-in-class tracking platform that gives you a branded experience to engage with customers throughout the post-purchase experience with opt-in push notifications detailing near-time parcel movement – among other features.

All existing Enhanced Tracking users will migrate to Consumer Connect at no charge or additional work. We plan to sunset Enhanced Tracking along with the support for Enhanced Tracking once all migrations are complete.

Contact your Client Success Manager or click here for more information.

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