We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched with Rakuten on our Complete Marketplace solution! Complete Marketplace is a fully-managed service that allows you to launch your products directly onto Rakuten–Japan’s largest online marketplace and ecommerce site.

Complete Marketplace offers you and your customers the following key benefits.

  • Speed to market – Through the use of Pitney Bowes’s existing partnerships and infrastructure, you can quickly reach a broader international customer base.
  • Rapid expansion into evolving markets – Our managed service allows you to stay ahead of the curve and quickly expand into new marketplaces as they open to international ecommerce.
  • Meet the international customer locally – Your organization can accrue new sales by offering international customers the convenience of purchasing your products in the local marketplace where they are accustomed to shopping.
  • Local in-country expertise – Pitney Bowes in-country teams specialize in merchandising, marketing and customer service to provide the best localized experience for your customers.
  • Guaranteed authenticity – Your branded storefront guarantees product authenticity – instilling consumer confidence while shopping on the marketplace.

Want to learn more? Contact your client success manager or check out the product release notes.