Set yourself up for success by planning for peak.

Identify high-risk products

  • Popular holiday gifts like perfume and other beauty products may be classified as HAZMAT for international shipping
  • Fur or fur-trimmed items in jackets and coats may not be supported without adequate information

Ensure data is available and accurate

  • Have you given us your whole catalog in time for the holidays? For example, make sure you are providing Fish and Wildlife content such as mother of pearl, snakeskin and fur in your catalog feed so we can file an eDec for export.
  • Are you sending us accurate product weights and dimensions?
  • Are you allowing us enough time to verify and upload your catalog before a big sale?
  • Have you removed unnecessary restrictions from your catalog feed?

Ask questions and use Pitney Bowes resources

  • Are you looking to optimize your catalog in time for the holidays or seeking help to reduce restrictions during checkout? Do you have general customs and import questions?
  • Visit here for the latest tax, duty and compliance updates.
  • Utilize your Client Success Manager for strategy and marketing recommendations.