International returns gets easier with new ReBOUND partnership

Retailers know that if they don’t improve return policies, they risk losing customers to competitors. Yet, if they don’t make returns more efficient, they erode margin. This is even more important for retailers looking to enhance their international performance.

As a solution for the returns process, we recently announced a partnership with UK-based returns specialist ReBOUND. The partnership will provide our retail brands worldwide with fast, data-driven international returns. By linking our networks, Pitney Bowes and ReBOUND will expand our collective returns footprint and capabilities, offering a seamless international service for ecommerce retailers and consumers.

Pitney Bowes will leverage ReBOUND’s data-driven platform and multi-carrier shipping technology to support cross-border returns for clients across the US, CA, UK and APAC. Conversely, ReBOUND will leverage our US transportation and logistics network to process returns for its 500-plus retail clients in EMEA.

Our returns product roadmap is focused on taking the friction out of returns and to help retailers leverage their returns policies as a way to influence consumer buying decisions.

According to data from our annual Pitney Bowes Global Ecommerce Study, if the returns experience isn’t hassle-free, brands risk losing consumers forever.

  • 70% cited “quick refund on returns” as something they look for before making a purchase;
  • 79% want a free return shipping option; and
  • 92% will buy again if returns are easy.

Graham Best, CEO of ReBOUND, said “the modern consumer, wherever they may be, demands a convenient returns experience and refund process. The ReBOUND technology delivers the intelligent, data-driven returns strategies that are particularly helpful for brands exploring how to attract and retain cross-border customers.”

For more information on the ReBOUND Partnership, read our press release.

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