Tracking is about to become easier to read and understand.

A focus group study conducted by our Experience Design and Tracking teams found that consumers prefer tracking updates to be simplified and more conversational.

Focus group feedback:
• Participants were presented with two language options for future tracking updates, in addition to current parcel tracking information. Overwhelmingly, the participants preferred a mixture of two future options.

Example of current tracking notification: Example of preferred tracking notification:
Delivered to FDR Facility Arrived at Facility.

• The feedback from the focus group also shaped our new event suppression logic that will remove specific Pitney Bowes data-only scans. These data-only scans are the primary reason why consumers may see a parcel that appears to bounce between locations. The data’s process location can differ from the parcel’s physical location. The removal of these scans will make tracking easier to follow and reduce the number of excessive events, providing a concise, easier-to-follow tracking history.  Please note that USPS electronic scans are not affected by this change.

The suppression logic is scheduled for production deployment by mid-October. The additional tracking enhancements set to take place before peak will center around updated Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) logic and provide a more prominent place for the EDD on our tracking pages.

Actions required by you:
The tracking language changes are scheduled for 2021, as we know clients depend on our tracking files for data and custom tracking integration.  Depending on your integration with our tracking files, work may be required to update your integration once the language and tracking codes change. 

As always, please reach out to Client Services or your Client Success Manager if you have any questions regarding these updates.