As we prepare for the holiday season, Pitney Bowes recommends that our clients based in the United States review the 2020 cutoff dates for all Cross-Border Retail supported destinations. For additional information and any updates, please consult this documentation from our technical team.

When planning for the holidays and providing cutoff dates to your international customers, remember to modify the dates based on the domestic-leg shipping time frames to Pitney Bowes. We have provided the following file along with instructions to help you calculate your holiday cut-off dates:

01: Download the 2020 US Outbound Holiday Cutoffs spreadsheet (70 KB).
02: In cell E5, enter the average domestic transit time (in business days) that it takes for a parcel to be shipped from your business to the Pitney Bowes hub.

03: Take note of the dates listed in the column (E), Merchant Holiday Cut-off. These dates will change when you update cell E5 or “Merchant to Pitney Bowes transit time (business days)”.

Please plan your holiday fulfillment delivery window per the cut-off dates listed in the PB Holiday Cut-off column. If a parcel is received at a domestic hub after a cut-off date, we may not be able to deliver that parcel during the holiday gift-giving period.