Check this page for tax, duty and compliance updates throughout the year.

Your Client Success Manager can provide strategy and marketing recommendations based on changes.

  • 1/1: the value below which goods can be shipped to Russia before duties and taxes are assessed (i.e. the de minimus value) by Russia’s customs was reduced to 200 EUR (from 500 EUR CIF).
  • 1/31: the value below which goods can be shipped to Indonesia before duties and taxes are assessed (i.e. the de minimus value) was reduced to 3 USD (from 75 USD).
  • 3/1: Real name authentication is required for orders to be sent to Taiwan. In order to authenticate their names, customers will need to download the EZ Way app and complete the registration process by mobile phone. We updated our transactional communication to remind customers of this change.
  • 4/1: the Norwegian Ministry of Finance passed a law that extends VAT (value added tax) to low value imports. As a result, there will be changes in VAT and customs duty collection.
    – The law requires off-shore suppliers of low-value goods (LVG) valued at 3,000 NOK or less to be charged VAT of 25% at checkout. VAT was not previously collected on imported goods where the value of the goods were less than 350 NOK.
    – Please note that no customs duty will be collected from customers on orders valued at 3,000 NOK or less. Customs duty was previously collected for orders over 350 NOK.
    The rules have not changed for goods valued over 3,000 NOK and VAT and duty will still be collected.
  • 7/1: All three countries have formally approved the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). A key provision includes an increase in the value before duties and taxes are assessed (de minimis levels) for products entering Canada from the U.S. The impact for imports from the US to Canada is a change in the value below which goods can be shipped before duties and taxes are assessed (i.e. the de minimus value) to 150 CAD for duty and to 40 CAD (both from 20 CAD) for tax for non-postal shipments. An update to de minimus values was not made for imports for the US to Mexico for Cross-Border Retail.
  • 7/1: VAT rate increased to 19% (from 16%) in Mexico. Note that there is no change for goods under $50 FOB where the VAT is not applicable.
  • 7/1: VAT rate increased to 15% (from 5%) in Saudi Arabia.
  • 7/1-12/31: VAT rate decreased to 16% (from 19%) in Germany as part of a COVID-19 stimulus measure.

No action is required for Cross-Border Retail clients
Pitney Bowes handles adding additional tax and duty at checkout, along with payment to the appropriate government. As part of the value that Pitney Bowes brings to your international business, we will manage this technical change along with corresponding logistics for compliance.

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