Our product teams have listened to client feedback and have recently released the following upgrades to our Parcel Service APIs.

  • Instant ACH to Pay for USPS Postage
    • Merchants with their own USPS postage accounts can now transfer money instantly using ACH. Those transferring larger amounts will see ACH transfers fund requests take up to 3 business days.
    • Please note that instant ACH is not yet available for bulk developer accounts.
  • Recent Tracking Status via Portals and Report API
    • The merchant portal, available to your customers using the Parcel Service API, now enables clients to have better insights into their shipments and answer the always important WISMO (where is my order) question.
    • The current tracking status is now available using the Developer / Merchant Portals as well as through the Transaction Report API.
    • Please note that tracking status is recorded only for the first 30 days after the transaction’s date and time.
  • Filter by Tracking Status and Bulk Cancel
    • You can now filter unused USPS labels and bulk cancel up to 200 at once using the Developer / Merchant Portals. This new functionality simplifies large bulk order transactions and reduces manual requests to cancel labels.

For all product questions, please reach out to [email protected] for any questions/concerns. Thank you for your continued partnership with Pitney Bowes.