As we prepare for the holiday season, Pitney Bowes recommends that our clients based in the United Kingdom review the 2019 cut-off dates for all Cross-Border supported destinations.

When planning for the holidays and providing cut-off dates to your international customers, remember to modify the dates based on the domestic-leg shipping time frames to Pitney Bowes. We have provided the following file along with instructions to help you calculate your holiday cut-off dates:

01: Download the 2019 UK Outbound Holiday Cut-offs spreadsheet (70 KB).
02: In cell E5, enter the average domestic transit time (in business days) that it takes for a parcel to be shipped from your business to the Pitney Bowes hub.


 03: Take note of the dates listed in the column (E), Merchant Holiday Cut-off. These dates will change when you update cell E5 or “Merchant to Pitney Bowes transit time (business days)”.

Please plan your holiday fulfillment delivery window per the cut-off dates listed in the PB Holiday Cut-off column. If a parcel is received at a domestic hub after a cut-off date, we may not be able to deliver that parcel during the holiday gift-giving period.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please read documentation from our technical team or reach out to your Client Success Manager.

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