We’re happy to announce that you can now manage your Global Ecommerce support tickets in a centralized portal, called Client Connect.

The brand-new look and additional support functionality will roll out for delivery and returns inquiries throughout July and August. Check your inbox for an invite to begin access.

Here’s what you can do on Client Connect:

Consolidated case management
Manage all brands/storefronts from one easily searchable place and filter to view cases by preference.  
Flexible communications
Both web and mobile platforms support ticket initiation. Responses can be sent via email, if preferred, and linked back to the portal.
Personalized access
Individual logins (as opposed to universal accounts) allow for secure access and unique content.
UX with faster data entry
Product-specific prompts allow for quicker and relevant responses.
Response time efficiency
Support requests are directed to a central location to be handled immediately or dispatched to a specialist.
Consolidated and automated updates
Users have access to network status updates, relevant weather alerts, tracking resources and more.

We are always working to improve our platform with your needs in mind. In the future, we will be rolling out additional features on Client Connect to include invoices, financial details and more.

Want to learn more?
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