Key learnings from Primary Kids customer service representative training

“Talk to a helpful human!”

It’s not just a slogan at Primary Kids, the online kids’ retailer that promises basic quality clothing staples for kids in every color of the rainbow at a reasonable price.

Primary Kids calls their customer service representatives “WOW” specialists and their goal is talk to real people in a human way. They want to elevate the customer experience at all touchpoints to make a deeper connection.

Recently the WOW specialists underwent a refresher on the Pitney Bowes network. They were surprised to learn three common factors that can impact a delivery schedule. By better understanding these factors, the team felt they could provide better and more detailed, up-to-date and accurate information to their end customer.

3 Key Factors in Delivery

1. Weather

Inclement weather can cause package delays, but what is not always intuitive is how the weather in one part of the country can impact delivery in another area.  It may be sunny and 70 degrees at the customer’s location but depending on the route the package takes, there could be delays in the network due to weather.

2. Remote locations

Almost 20% of the U.S. population (47 million adults) lives in a rural area. Thanks in part to free shipping offers, rural consumers are shopping online more frequently. Reaching rural or low-density routes typically will put the delivery of packages at the higher end of a shipping promise. For instance, Primary Kids offers standard shipping within 3-6 business days. Pitney Bowes partners with the United States Postal Service for last-mile delivery as it is the only organization that is set up to deliver to every residential address in the country regularly – that’s 155 million addresses.

3. Labels

An element as simple as a shipping label doesn’t seem like it could cause a delivery to go haywire, but that can happen from time to time. There are some apparent culprits like a wrong or incomplete address, but an ink smear can make the address illegible, causing delays. If a label is incorrectly affixed to the package, it could mean the package is unable to be automatically processed by the sorters at the post office, which can also cause delays.

Equipped with a better understanding of the route packages take through the Pitney Bowes network and some of the common factors that cause delivery delays, the Primary Kids WOW specialists feel even better equipped to live by their “talk to a helpful human” credo.



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