We are excited to announce that the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) has been restored as a supported currency. As a reminder, we had previously recommended for our merchants to change the default currency to US dollars (USD) due to a third-party payment processing issue. If you are not already live in Indonesia, we recommend using this update as a time to expand.

Recommended actions:
If your storefront is configured to present a localized customer experience dynamically based on our localization data, Indonesian customers will automatically see prices in IDR instead of USD and no action is required on your part.

If applicable, add Indonesia to the list of supported countries on your international FAQ section.

If you have a custom implementation, you may need to take action to add IDR to your site. 
• If your site’s localization data is cached, clear the cache at your earliest convenience.
• If your site’s localization data is hardcoded, change the default currency for Indonesia to IDR. If this change is not made, Indonesian customers will continue to see prices in USD, and their orders may not be accepted.

Please contact your Client Success Manager with any questions regarding this change.